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A Plea for Candidate Donald Trump: Donald Trump and John Brown

I posted this for a student who had trouble with WordPress. I’m not the author. –Jennet Kirkpatrick I was struck by the similarities between Donald Trump and John Brown the man who Thoreau immortalizes in his “A Plea for Captain … Continue reading

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“The Thoreau of the West”: Edward Abbey and Henry David Thoreau

Dubbed by Larry McMurtry as the “Thoreau of the West”, Edward Abbey was an author and philosopher whose work in defense of the environment was shaped in part by Henry Thoreau’s writing. Where Thoreau faced the scourge of slavery and … Continue reading

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American ideas in the Chinese Student Movement

In this class we have broken down the issues of democracy as the pertain to the American lifestyle. From Kemis and Rand to Shklar to Madison, all the topics have drawn on American History. The exportation of American Democracy to … Continue reading

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Violence Justifiable?

In reading the last two authors for our course, Henry D. Thoreau and President Abraham Lincoln, several questions were raised on the issue of violence.  Is violence justified? If it is, how so or in which cases? Why some violence … Continue reading

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Russian Election Fraud Protests, Applying Thoreau’s and Lincoln’s Logic

          Lately the news seems to be filled with updates on the latest protests across the world, from Occupy Wall Street protests in the U.S., to election credibility issues in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Russia. More … Continue reading

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Are Violent Reactions to Civil Disobedience Justified?

We’ve learned from Henry David Thoreau that civil disobedience may be justified when one morally objects to particular government actions.  Thoreau in his time was opposed to lots of things, including slavery, the Mexican-American war, and political corruption, and for … Continue reading

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Thoreau and the BCS

I know, I know, another BCS post on the blog.  But one reason why the issue is so popular is because 1) it’s relevant today, and 2) the system is so wrong everybody has their own theories regarding how to … Continue reading

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