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When “Voting and Earning” Are Not Enough.

According to Judith Shklar in her work, “American Citizenship: The Quest for Inclusion”, there are two main components of being a full, capable citizen in America, those being voting and earning. Each person must have the right and be legitimately … Continue reading

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Earning and Education

The importance of earning was apparent in both American Citizenship by Judith N. Shklar and The Life of Frederick Douglass written by Frederick Douglass. In each reading, the inability to earn is compared to having a lack of freedom. Shklar … Continue reading

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The Freezing of American Democracy

When Things don’t Add Up In James Morone’s ‘The Democratic Wish’, he outlines a cycle for change occurring in American democracy. The cycle starts at a liberal political stalemate, moves to a popular response demanding action, creates new political institutions … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter

We have read in the Classic Slave Narratives the lives of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs. These narratives form an important part of African-American identity formation as well as demonstrate the considerable adversity past African-Americans have experienced. The shadow of slavery … Continue reading

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American Empire and the “Quest for Inclusion” in the Case of American Samoa

In Judith Shklar’s American Citizenship: The Quest for Inclusion, she outlines how important voting, standing, and earning are to full inclusion as a citizen of the United States. Perhaps due to space concerns, Shklar could not devote much attention to … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Progress

The Dark Side of Progress Throughout the year we have discussed many of the conceivable ways to classify individuals as members of one group or another: establishing boundaries and creating insiders and outsiders for our society. This semester’s contributing authors … Continue reading

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Scalia Dares You To Come at Him, Bro

We’ve all been reading a lot of crushingly pessimistic stuff this semester. When it comes to solutions, we’ve framed the path to realizing them in two ways: (1) through the legal system (2) through democratic action. But there is a … Continue reading

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