It Takes a Village: How America Works Best as a Community

Could we do this in America. So instead of electing representatives who clearly lose focus once in office. Should we make changes at the community

American Political Thought

reaching across the isle

Common ground. Not something you hear very often when talking about politics, more specifically: Congress. For the past few years we have had continuous close calls, and in some cases, true government shutdowns with two happening during the Clinton administration, and one in the very recent memory of October 2013. Of course those aren’t the only to happen but those are the last three to take place. Common ground can lead to a proper government, functioning as it should, but it seems that today common ground is turning quickly into “No Man’s Land.” America has become so polarized that it feels like every day one party is blaming the other, claiming that they are unwilling to compromise and re-find that common ground.

In Daniel Kemmis’ “Barn Raising,” the very first thing he talks about is common ground, commenting on how it’s there but he states that, “our prevailing way of…

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