Oppression of the Brown

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Mexican SegregationAre Mexican Americans under oppression by the Caucasian Americans? Why have we been stuck for so long? A hard question to ask, but a question that needs answering nonetheless. I will break-up this issue into sub topics, to keep the reading short. It is the weekend after-all. 

alabama jim crow lives on 

As we all may know, it is pretty difficult to ignore American Politics. Characters like Donald Trump (Republican Pres.Candidate), have made it nearly impossible to ignore. With disregard for the Mexican community, Trump has fueled a stigma that has existed  against Mexican Americans. I am not here to talk about the absurd political opinions of a certain presidential candidate , but rather elaborate on the current issue at hand. Discrimination is a pretty ugly word, but whether we like it or not it still exist today. Yes, there are other minority groups that experience discrimination all over the U.S, but i will…

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