A President’s observation

“Presidents come and go, but the Supreme Court goes on forever”

William Howard Taft
27th President of the United States (1909-1913)

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3 Responses to A President’s observation

  1. Harmon Gale says:

    Taft knew what was up. He was also the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1921 to 1930–the job he really wanted.

    • zoneofsubduction says:

      Taft was certainly a better jurist than chief executive. After signing into law the Payne-Aldrich Act of 1909 and refusing to fire his corrupt Secretary of the Interior for selling coal fields to business associates, he infuriated Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressives trying to reform government.

      He does have a soft spot among Arizonans for signing the legislation granting Statehood on 12 February 1912.

  2. He actually wanted to be Chief Justice over President of the United States. But his wife wanted to be apart of the Washington elite and made him run for President instead, and she falls ill shortly after he became President.

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